Pre-K Spanish Program

The Pre-K & Kindergarten (3 1/2 - 5 Year old) Spanish Bilingual Program

2 to 5 days a week
9.00am - 1.00pm

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Our Mission

Develop the child's complete potential in all his/her area of growth, and at the same time provide the tools and ambiance for creating complete bilingual individuals. Therefore, enhancing their thinking capacities, verbal expression, multicultural relationships and overall, a child that is loved and supported through his/her most important years of growth!


At Smarta School of Foreign Languages, Bilingual Preschool and Kindergarten "Rotaciones" (rotations) are the tools of the program that will develop the skills and talents unique to each student in the target language. These rotations allow each child the opportunity to learn and socialize in multiage environments and at the same time work at his/her persona level and skill. Rotaciones also promote and active routine in which the child learns by enjoying participating in creative activities and can anticipate a fulfilling and exciting day.


Time to greet and familiarize with peer group and teachers and learn the activities that will go on through the day. Teach and review songs, vocabulary and rules. Children will formally be introduced to the theme of the week. Sensorial stimulus and educational games are part of this rotation.


Theme based projects. Children learn to follow directions, to use imagination and creativity and work with different media. Teachers display work as well as send home.


This is a constant activity included in circle time as well as in Cognitive Rotations. Done daily increases and challenges the student as he/she accumulates knowledge and vocabulary. It reinforces the learned concepts and sets the stage for new knowledge.


An important part of everyday planning. Directly affects the order and harmony in the class. There are several Transition activities in the day. The main point is to have a plan-guided action for those students that finish faster or that are ready for the next rotation.


Are the base for child friendly learning. There are 4-6 centers per classroom related to theme, skill level, and purpose.

  • Language
  • Art
  • Math
  • Music
  • Blocks
  • Dramatic Play
  • Science and Nature


Children conduct him/herself in Target Language (Spanish), in a social respectful manner, excluding age appropriate positive behavior.


These skills are a natural developmental stage on each level. They include the processing and interpretation of pre-reading and pre-arithmetics. Also include tempo-spatial orientation and critical thinking skills.


"Muevete" is Smarta School unique Program that emphasizes in large motor, the kinesthetic and internalization of target language commands and directions. It is a physical activity that children enjoy as they go through circuits and simple group games.

"Music" marches, rythms and songs are part of this important activity. Children will be developing math, target language, and large motor skills.

"Cooking" is a new activity added to our curriculum. Through this activity children enjoy mixing ingredients and learning by using all their five senses.

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